About Us

ERunning is a branch of Enduranceteam, Australia’s largest and most successful online coaching company. Enduranceteam’s Head Office is based in Geelong, Victoria, Australia.

ERunning was born and exists to provide participants and athletes alike with the chance to download, purchase and utilize some of the best information and training programs for runners on the market today. Erunning only employs and aligns itself with elite quality athletes, coaches and organizations to design and provide high quality products and services for the running and fitness community.

Geelong has a long and proud history of great distance runners including many Australian, Commonwealth and Olympic Games representatives, including John Landy, Paul Byrne, Craig Mottram, Ross Young, Louie Rowan, Lee Troop and many many more who still run competitively today.

ERunning was created first and foremost to provide a first class online running training program service, but also a fully owned and operated Geelong based company for people interested in running training programs and running training groups in the Geelong area.

ERunning is also associated with some of the best running companies in the Australia to give athletes and members the chance to take advantage of partnerships developed exclusively with ERunning.

For Geelong based athletes and runners and people interested in the Geelong running and sporting community, ERunning is proud to support Geelong institutions like;

Thanks for visiting ERunning and we look forward to working with you to achieve your goals.