Customized Running Programs

ERunning offers a complete range of goal orientated and fully customized individual training programs.

You can choose from one of the standard personalized options below or you can tell us, how long your event is, when it is and we will design a fully individualized training program around it for you. Each day will be set out for you in a well structured and easy to follow system and you will be able to download your data directly to your coach using our interactive online coaching system. We design the programs around your lifestyle and what time you have available.

Each person looking for a ‘customized running program’ completes a detailed questionnaire from which we start to build your program. We make sure we take into account work, family, financial and life scenarios that all add to or takeaway from your ability to complete your running program.

You get to have daily contact with your coach, via email, skype or phone or if you are based in Geelong, in person. We actively promote good personalized communication with your coach and work very hard to make sure you are not only getting value for money but also we go above and beyond what other running coaching business do in terms of being interactive with our clients.

We can completely customize one of the below options for you from anywhere to 8weeks up to 52weeks or even on-going running training programs.

customized running programs

lab data for customized programs

See Example HERE

We also work with a very limited number of Elite and Professional level Road and Track Runners, and fully customized road and track programs are available after consultation with one of our specialist running coaches.  If you would like a customized running program for your next event please contact us today.