Geelong Cross Country Club

Geelong Cross Country ClubThe Geelong Cross Country Club is Geelong’s main organization for handicapped style running events.  The club operates and co-ordinates running events for 9months of each year and provides a fantastic competition platform for all levels of runner.

Geelong and the Geelong Cross Country Club has long been the training grounds of some of Geelong’s best and Australia’s best distance runners, including Lee Troop, Craig Mottram and Ross Young and also some of Geelong and Australia’s fastest triathletes including Greg Stewart and Tim Bentley.

Geelong Running Training Groups through ERunning run each week and all year round, and are catered for all levels of runner, including training focus’s for Geelong Cross Country Club events and others major events.

For athletes living and competing in Geelong, ERunning provides the following services;

Running Technique Coaching

One on One Sessions

Running Testing

Customized Running Programs

Online Running Programs