Geelong Triathlon Club

Geelong triathlon club
The Geelong Triathlon Club has been an institution in Geelong since the mid 1980’s.

The Geelong Triathlon Club has a proud tradition of producing some of the worlds best triathletes and is home to over 400 triathletes from the Geelong and SurfCoast Regions.

Whilst not operating as a fully operational club, the club is well supported in a training sense by Geelong’s only full time triathlon coaching company – Geelong Triathlon Coaching.

The Geelong Triathlon Club is kept alive in an online capacity by Geelong Triathlon Coach, Jarrod Evans.

In 2003, The Geelong Triathlon Club folded and in 2007, Jarrod Evans, a triathlete since he was 14, took it up himself to try and keep the name and face of the club afloat and it exists today as a porthole of information for people looking to get into the sport of triathlon.

The Geelong Triathlon Club also has a Facebook Page and you can view the page at; Geelong Triathlon Club Facebook Page.

To this day, Geelong is still regarded as the home of Australian Triathlon and still produces some of Australia’s fastest triathletes and has two of the most successful triathlon coaching groups in Australia with Geelong Triathlon Coaching in full time operation supporting triathletes in the Geelong region and surf coast peninsula.

ERunning is proud to offer Geelong Running Training and Running Training Programs to triathletes in Geelong looking to improve their running.