Great Ocean Road Marathon

The Great Ocean Road Marathon, held about 70km from Geelong is one of the worlds premier running and marathon events.

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This great event along one of the world’s iconic routes has its history back to early settler days. The road itself was carved out originally with pick and shovel! Hard to imagine in these mechanised days, taking into consideration the precarious rocky terrain.

Nowadays, the road is not only the main entry to Apollo Bay, but a huge drawcard to the world’s tourists eager to experience the beauty of the southern coastline of Victoria, Australia.

As you arrive at the commencement of the Great Ocean Road, you enter under a marvellous timber arch announcing the start of the road. Pause and read some of the fascinating history plaques provided by Fagg’s Mitre10, a family-owned business from Geelong, who generously created this monument as well as supporting the Marathon Festival with their generous sponsorship of the Half-Marathon.

The marathon concept was the brainchild of Les Noseda, a staunch and enthusiastic promoter of the region.

Great Ocean Road Marathon