Run Technique Coaching

Running Technique

ERunning offers “One on One” Running Technique Coaching’ in Geelong by Geelong’s best running coaches. Using high performance knowledge and training techniques our one on one sessions will transform your running technique and make you faster. Looking at your running efficiency in relation to posture, stride patterns, cadences, bio-mechanical strengths and weaknesses we will take what you have, and make you faster.

running technique coaching

The sole purpose of ERunning’s individual one on one technique sessions is to make your more efficient, to use less energy, to produce more sustainable speed over a specific distance.

ERunning also offers an online running technique review process using state of the art hand held applications that athletes can utilize and then send through to their coaches for review. This can be done by anyone, anywhere in the world. Whilst not the preferred method of technical analysis and correction it can be a very effective method of providing feedback on technique for review and then change but the athlete, who doesn’t have access to ‘hands on’ coaching and corrective methods.

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