Running Coaches

ERunning has tried to offer a diverse range of running specialists to help you achieve your distance running goals. All our Running Coaches are fully qualified and insured with their respective governing bodies, have working with children accreditations are all highly respected within their specialty areas. Let one of the ERunning Coaches assist you today in achieving your running goals.

HEAD COACH – Ross Young

Ross YoungRoss Young has a running pedigree to envy. A competitive runner for over 25 years, Ross is a multiple medalist at State and National Level Track and Cross Country, and has also competed internationally in track and road meets.

Retiring from running in 2003, Ross has become one of the most respected triathlon coaches in Australia. Ross is 3 x 70.3 Half Ironman Age Group Champion, State Champion and finisher of the grueling Hawaiian Ironman. Your running programming both online and in person could not be in better hands.


Quick Athlete Facts

1500m Personal Best – 3.54mins
3000m Personal Best – 8.48mins
5000m Personal Best – 14.47mins
10000m Personal Best – 30.30mins

Specialist Coaching Area
3000m, 5000m, 10000m, Half Marathon, Marathon, Ultra Marathon

DISTANCE COACH – Dylan Sorenson

Dylan SorensonUS Track and Field athlete Dylan Sorenson, brings a wealth of elite level running experience and knowledge to erunning. Running for the prestigious Georgetown Track & Field Program in the US, Dylan was a 2 Time NCAA Division All American in the 3000m and an ICAAAA Track and Field Champion. Dylan also has a Master’s degree in Sports Industry Management and a Bachelor’s degree in International Business / Finance from the University of Georgetown. Dylan specialises in coaching new and established athletes over the distances of 5km to the Half Marathon.


Quick Athlete Facts

400m Personal Best –  49.8secs
800m Personal Best –  1:50mins
1500m Personal Best – 3:47mins
3000m Personal Best – 8:13mins
5000m Personal Best – 14:18mins

Specialist Coaching Area

3000m, 5000m, 10000m, Half Marathon, Marathon



Levi MaxwellThis is your chance to work with a world champion. Levi comes to erunning’s highly successful coaching group as someone who has and is currently progressing through its development pathway on his way to a professional career.
Erunning’s ‘best standard’ policy is no better represented than Levi coming on board as a coach. Levi brings a superior work ethic, unwavering commitment to excellence and a passion for seeing people get the best out of themselves at any level.

Levi’s experience as an athlete belies his age and his knowledge of the erunning system of progression and process is second to none.

As an athlete, in 2016 at only 26, he is 2 x Hawaiian Ironman – Age Group World Champion, a 4 Victorian Age Group Champion titles and has commenced a professional career. As a coach Levi will be exclusively working with athletes looking to participate and achieve their best in events ranging from 10km to the marathon. Your running coaching could not be in better hands.



Jarrod EvansJarrod Evans is one of the worlds best and most highly respected triathlon coaches.

Coaching for over 20 years as one of only 7 coaches in Australia to hold a Level 3 High Performance Coaching Accreditation, Jarrod has worked within the VIS & AIS Triathlon systems as well as being a Head Coach for Triathlon Australia and USA Triathlon.  As a triathlon coach, Jarrod has personally coached and overseen the direction & implementation of training programs for numerous athletes running 14.00mins (5km) or below for Males and 16.00mins (5km) and below for females.

Jarrod’s resumes as a coach speaks for itself and can be view HERE along with 20+years of athlete testimonials and results. At ERunning, Jarrod provides a ‘multisport’ perspective for runners looking to improve their run leg for the sport of triathlon.

Specialist Coaching Area

5000m, 10000m, Half Marathon, Marathon