Running Video Analysis

Part of the ERunning ‘Mission Statement’ is to offer a complete and comprehensive running coaching and training service.

This service not only includes staple services like personalized running programs, and online running programs plus quality coaching it also looks to provide and include improving bio-mechanically what you do and how you do it through technical analysis

The human body is very good at finding its optimum position for efficient movement, but there are certainly big advancements and improvements you can make with your running technique, that will not only make running easier for you, it will make you more efficient, to create more sustainable speed, and most importantly with less effort.

ERunning uses state of the art of software including programs and review software like Ubersense.  Using Ubersense, your coach or the user (with assistance) can film your running from every angle, place it into the Ubersense review software and make recommendations based on the results of the footage.  Recommendations will come in the form of specific running drills, specific strength and conditioning exercises, changes in your running program or one on one sessions with your coach to facilitate the changes in a hands on capacity with the athlete.

There are 6 Steps we put athletes through in analysing running technique through video software

Step 1 – Film the athlete either in a field testing environment or treadmill (field examination preferred)

Step 2 – Upload the footage to the software and your ERunning Coach will complete the analysis

Step 3 – Review the footage either in person or online with the athlete (using Skype Screen-share)

Step 4 – Make technical drill recommendations for the athlete based on the results

Step 5 – Make program changes as required to encompass changes in technique and focus

Step 6 – We recommend a follow up analysis session with the athlete at 4weeks to cover and review changes

Coach Supervised Filming Analysis

This is our preferred method of running technique analysis, and is obviously easier for athletes residing in Geelong or within driving distance of your coach.  Physically assessing and reviewing technique is much more effective even whilst using the software we use.

Self Filmed Analysis with ERunning Coach Review

This option is open to athletes who don’t have the option of having an ERunning Coach within reach, but in terms of analysis and perscription off the back of the analysis the ‘self filmed’ method can be very effective.  The athlete will need a partner to take the initial footage with the Ubersense Application.

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