If you’re looking for a coach or mentor to help achieve your goals and perform to your absolute best, Chloe Lane is the one. From structured training plans, pre-race and race day nutrition, race strategy, running form and most importantly mental toughness Chloe has been fantastic in every aspect.

After having run for years never actually following anything that resembled a training plan it was during a 100km Ultra whilst chatting to a fellow competitor that the concept of a coach first entered my mind. My performances had always been quite good in longer distance races, without being outstanding but would a coach help I wondered.
After hours of research and a number of discussions with different coaches, it was Chloe who resonated with me immediately; she was keen to understand me, my motivations, my goals, my family, work and my life in general.

I’ve only been under Chloe’s guidance for about 6 months so far but she has been an amazing teacher, who is knowledgeable, enthusiastic and always willing to share experiences and advice. Chloe created a plan for me that factored in my life, gave me a wide variety and was both challenging and enjoyable. We set out with 2 key races in mind, the first race after only 3 months of structured training – the 56km Two Bays run and then UltraTrail Australia 100km (previously TNF 100).

After only 3 months with Chloe I ran Two Bays Trail Run (56km), Chloe not only got me physically prepared but also prepared me for race day with a detailed race and nutrition plan. Most importantly it was the mental tips she provided that really assisted throughout the race. I couldn’t believe my result, I had finished 24th overall, 30 positions higher than any previous attempt at Two Bays and 6th in my age group. Onward and upward from here!

Chloe is an amazing coach, with outstanding qualities and a brilliant attitude; she continues to motivate and inspire through her own training, goals and achievements, pushing me to be better. She is a great communicator, has a vast amount of endurance knowledge and a sincere interest and desire to help you achieve your best. These qualities combined with her patient nature and passion for endurance events makes me confident that Chloe can take any athlete to the next level.

Shane Antrobus

I’ve had Chloe as a coach for about 9 months now. I first contacted her to gain speed and improve my endurance with my running. I not only got that but so much more. My training plans are well planned out and always on time. Chloe is always a call away if I have a problem or a question.

My times and speed have improved considerably! Chloe Is knowledgeable and knows her stuff. I’m proud to call her my coach. One of the best things I ever did was contacting her. I’m now venturing into the triathlon scene with my first ironman coming up in December and with me being under Chloe’s wing I know I can do it!

Sarah Kelly

Thanks again for the great prep leading up to the Blackall 50, I really want you to know that your input made a difference to the lead up to the event

  • A structured plan based on knowledge, experience and skill is – of paramount importance
  • This plan allowed me to relax and just ‘do the work’ without the concern if I’m ‘doing it right’
  • Gave me the solid base from which I could literally run the race in the best possible way to place 1st in age cat.
  • Also allowed me time to gather some knowledge of nutrition/hydration in the prep phase for the race the chat pre event made a difference also as this gave focus to the run plan, nutrition, hydration and most importantly allowed me to back off on the hills which I did on the two big climbs and a few of the smaller ones where required. It also allowed me to check out feel and pace by feel ‘could I sustain this pace’ (your words). I feel now I can commit to some more trail events in the future with my eyes open, and whilst still very inexperienced I feel I can perform in these events and give a good account of myself. I am looking forward to building a solid base for future events and working to develop track/trail fitness as well as core general strength.

Thankyou Coach appreciate your efforts.

Tony Cathcart | 50km Ultra Marathon Age Group Winner

Thanks so much to you Ross for my amazing and challenging program! Can’t wait to get out there and run.
Kylie Jane – 2015 New York Marathon

Just wanted to say a quick thank you for a great coaching experience through ERunning. Brad has been just awesome. I’ve learnt so much over the lasted 4 months. You have a great coach on your team. I was able to reach my goal of running a marathon at the Melbourne Marathon on the weekend. What a feeling!! Can’t wait for the next big challenge!!
Stephanie Mortellaro – 2015 Melbourne Marathon